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SSAB-AG expertise


Design office: a professional team of young engineers, oriented to provide the highest quality in design.Read more »

Production preparation: materials are verified to correspond in terms of quality according to the requirements of the project.Read more »

SSAB AG is based on the care of the client's needs, but respecting the profession of builder as a real technology.Read more »
Antrepriză generală
General Contractor

We are able to provide general contracting for large investment projects.Read more »
Projects in progress

SSAB-AG | 30 de ani de antrepriză generală

Anul acesta SSAB-AG aniversează 30 de ani de activitate în asigurarea antreprizei generale pentru proiecte…

Constructorul SSAB-AG din Bacău ridică o hală în Cluj pentru Kapamed

„Hala are ca destinație producția și depozitarea de consumabile medicale, în principal recipiente pentru substanțe…

31 ani de activitate în construcții

SSAB-AG celebrates 31 years of activity

Our mission

Choosing quality in the race for competitiveness, after 31 years of activity SSAB-AG builds with devotion for its customers. Since 1991, SSAB-AG has been operating exclusively in the field of construction services.

Based on the care of the client's needs, but also respecting the profession of builder as a real technology, SSAB-AG has managed to crystallize a good team of technologists who together with qualified staff, manage to bring to life the work of fellow designers and become a reality proposed projects. Benefiting from unique solutions in Romania offered by metal structures based on cold rolled profiles, structures built by SSAB-AG are distinguished by speed of execution, low material and durability.

The company has production capacity of steel structures and precast reinforced and prestressed concrete, thus ensuring a high degree of efficiency, autonomy and speed in the execution of all projects.

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