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  • Precast concrete structures for industrial and logistical constructions
  • Precast concrete structures for commercial, civil and administrative constructions
  • Precast concrete structures for agricultural and zootechnical constructions
  • Storage, aeration and settling tanks for wastewater treatment and treatment plants
  • Pools for the storage and management of animal manure
  • Precast concrete silos for storage of raw materials and feed
  • Fermenters and storage tanks for biogas production plants
Product features

Storage tanks made of prefabricated elements

With the help of prefabricated elements provided by our company can be executed in record time, various types of tanks for liquid storage, used in the agro-zootechnical sector, industry, fire water tanks and especially special tanks used in municipal treatment plants.

The basins can be made with heights from 2.5 m to 6 m, in various geometric shapes - rectangular, circular, oval - with one or more compartments, which can be provided with walkways, collecting channels and raceways for scrapers and mixers.

The prefabricated elements are positioned on a slab put into operation, after which the inner floor of the basin is executed, which also ensures the connection between the prefabricated elements. Subsequently, the internal sealing of the elements is performed by applying special elastic sealants that allow the expansions and contractions occurred during the technological processes, filling and emptying the basins as well as in the event of possible seismic activities.

Silos from prefabricated elements

Using self-supporting prefabricated elements produced in our factory, storage areas with one or more cells can be built, both for the storage of raw materials and for the storage of waste, both in solid and semi-dry form.

They are widely used in the agro-zootechnical sector for the storage of cereals, fodder but also for the temporary storage of the resulting manure.

The elements made with a height of 2.7 m can be placed on a slab floor or work carried out in the existing, allowing a subsequent repositioning depending on the needs of the user.

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Rezervor Stație Epurare
Rezervor Stație Epurare
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Bazine Din Beton Prefabricat
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