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Production preparation: materials are verified to correspond in terms of quality according to the requirements of the project.

  • Production preparation: the materials are checked for quality in accordance with the design requirements.
  • Cleaning: initially the profiles or the steel sheets are cleaned of rust and other impurities and processed according to the project execution plans.
  • Cutting: at the workshop for cutting the profiles are cut to size and drilled. The steel sheets are cut and drilled on a CNC machine. The resulting parts are trimmed, chamfered and gouged.
  • Assembling: the prepared pieces go in the assembly stage where the end pieces, gussets and other elements necessary for installation are fixed.
  • Welding: is made automatically, semi-automatically or manually depending on the complexity of the subassembly.
  • Painting: after cleaning and checking the welds the pieces are moved in the painting workshop where they are protected against corrosion acording to the specifications of this process.
  • Delivery: the assemblies are labeled and prepared for delivery. The delivery of the metal confections is done with our company delivery trucks or with the means of transportation provided by the beneficiary.

After each step described above the parts are verified dimensionally. The welds are verified both visually and through specific laboratory procedures.

The factory has a group II laboratory authorized for NDT tests ,for the control with gamma our company works with specialized laboratories.

All delivered assemblies and subassemblies are accompanied by quality certificates regarding the production process and the quality of the materials that goes into them.

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