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The galvanized metal structures can be made of thin profiles type "KB", which can be used as pillars and beams of the transversal frame, very long purlins.

For the pillars and beams of the transversal frame, it is recommended that the "KB" profiles are used as a composed double T section (assembled back to back), and the "SIGMA" profiles are used as purlins and side beams for the structure closure due to high geometrical characteristics. The connections between structural elements are made with screws and thick steel sheet knots which makes the assembly of the structure to be easy.

Product features

Galvanized construction features:

  • Openings: up to 22 m; for larger openings (22-27 m) a system of trusses can be used;
  • Eaves height 4-10 m;
  • Bay 4-6 m;
  • Lenght: unlimited;
  • Envelope: sandwich panels with polyurethane foam, sandwich panels with mineral wool, metallic cassette with mineral wool insulation or profiled steel sheet;
  • The slope of the covering ≥ 10%
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