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The metal structures can be manufactured in two versions:

Version I: the main structure of resistance (transversal frames – pillars and beams) is manufactured from welded steel sheets through semiautomatic welding procedures.

Version II: the main structure of resistance (transversal frames – pillars and beams) is manufactured from hot laminated profiles type "HEA", "HEB", "IPE" (according to european standards of products).

For the supporting structure of the perimetral envelopes and of the covers can be used according to preference hot laminated profiles or galvanized thin wall profiles. The structure is designed so that it can be disassembled entirely (the joints between parts are bolted). The metal constructions can be designed to support the gantries.

Product features

Technical features of the materials

The steels used for the hot laminates is according to product standard S235, S275, S355. For the cold formed thin wall profiles the steel used is type FeE30G. As a anticorrosion protection system primer and paints are used according to current standards and customer requirements.

Traditional metal construction features:

  • Openings: up to 40m; for larger openings trusses can be used;
  • Eaves height of 3-16 m; they can be manufactured with higher heights, in which case other types of sections will intervene for columns;
  • Optimal bay 5-8 m;
  • Lenght: unlimited;
  • Envelope: sandwich panels with polyurethane foam, sandwich panels with mineral wool, metallic cassette with mineral wool insulation or profiled steel sheet;
  • The slope of the covering ≥10% or covering terrace type.
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Profil Laminat La Cald De Tip HEA
Profil Laminat La Cald De Tip HEB
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