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Quality Romania, a ZF & Isopan project: Paul Armeanu, SSAB-AG: A "green" building, although it involves advanced technologies, is not necessarily more expensive than a traditional one. SSAB-AG's clients include Fildas Trading, Kika, CTP, Kaufland and Dedeman.

Construction companies do not develop individually when contracting a project, but also contribute to the "growth" of suppliers and local partners in the area in which they operate, which leads to a development of communities, says Paul Armeanu, director of execution of the construction company SSAB-AG.

„SSAB-AG operates throughout Romania through various partnerships at national and local level. Co-opting local subcontractors to large-scale projects managed by our company contributes to increasing the activity and the portfolio of works for these companies", says Paul Armeanu.

As the construction workforce is limited, the company therefore needs companies to support it in completing the projects. Internally, however, SSAB-AG has chosen to recruit non-specialized people in the required fields, but which it trains internally. Other solutions are hiring more students, but also the professional reorientation of some employees. In addition, the builder from Bacău also uses technology when needed.

"New technologies are already present in the field of construction. BIM and 3D technologies are used in the design. The production of structures for constructions is carried out in our own factories with numerically controlled equipment. The equipment used on site, the ones we bought recently, have use planning software and control systems", adds Paul Armeanu.

The company offers the teams on the construction sites real-time access to the project management platforms and, at the same time, follows their evolution, using the IT infrastructure. These are all ways the company to respond to the needs of innovation they bring times.

Paul Armeanu - Director Productie SSAB-AG
Paul Armeanu – Director Productie SSAB-AG

"Innovation, seen as a way to respond quickly to changes specific to the external environment, occurred primarily at the organizational level, in response to the constraints caused by the pandemic. As a process, innovation is an ongoing concern for reducing production costs, improving the company's sustainability, increasing the performance of construction structures manufacturing processes.”

By "sustainability", Paul Armeanu refers to the specific characteristics of present and future buildings, such as the use of recycled construction materials or the use of photovoltaic and solar panels.

"None of them can not be made without the contribution of fossil fuels. A "green" building attracts with energy efficiency and, although it involves advanced technologies, it is not necessarily more expensive than a traditional one. It is a field to watch in the construction of office buildings."

The construction company SSAB-AG from Bacău exceeded the turnover threshold of 200 million lei last year, after the indicator increased by 80% compared to the previous year, reaching 205 million lei, according to the data on the Ministry of Finance website. The profit was maintained at 5.5 million lei, and the average number of employees increased to 193, 45 more than in 2018.

The SSAB group of companies is owned by Mihai Iulian Şlic (40%), former mayor of Bacău, Corneliu Săftiuc (40%) and Gabriel Nistor (20%).

Among the projects completed by SSAB-AG are the construction of a pharmaceutical warehouse of the drug distribution company Fildas Trading within the Miroslava industrial park in Iasi county, the redevelopment of a showroom for kika Pallady in Bucharest, the construction and reorganization of two Kaufland stores in Buzau and Nicolina (Iaşi), the construction of two production halls of the CTP developer, a hall for the Swiss real estate developer Artemis, in the Sânandrei industrial park in Timiş. Also, Dedeman, the company of the Pavăl brothers from Bacău, the same county where SSAB comes from, is one of the business partners of the company from SSAB.

In addition to construction services, SSAB-AG also has a steel structures production division in Bacău, with a production capacity of approximately 1,000 tons of metal fabrications per month.

(Published in Ziarul Financiar, 23.11.2020)

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