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SSAB-AG, general contractor specialized in the construction of industrial halls, has completed the construction of a hangar for Aerostar Iași, which will function as a maintenance center for Airbus 320 and Boeing 737 civil aircraft. , is the largest construction of this type in the country, with an opening of 83 meters, made without intermediate pillars.

In addition to the hangar, in the next period a technical annex will be built, the installations, technical facilities and enclosure urban land. The surface developed together with the technical annex is 8,335 sqm.

"The access of the planes to the hangar is ensured by 10 gates with a height of 13.5 meters, which open to the right and to the left. The gates are operated by control panels and have different opening speeds, so that they all reach the end of the race at the same time. They are equipped with obstacle detection sensors, end-of-travel buffers and are covered with thermal insulation panels. The gates move on a rail sliding system, embedded in the hangar platform, provided with side drains to collect rainwater accumulated between the rails. ", states the SSAB representatives, in a communication.

The investment, made by the Aerostar SA Aeronautical Industrial Group Bacău, amounted to 10 million euros and created more than 150 jobs.

Referring to the challenges faced by SSAB-AG in developing this large-scale project, Paul Armeanu, the company's production director, said: "One of the biggest challenges was the design part. During the works, the challenge was the embankment part, because we had to cover a level difference of about 5 meters and we had to bring 15,000 cubic meters of filling. Another challenge is the transport of this steel structure from Bacău to Iași, which required an on-site assembly. At the peak moments in Iași, 75 people also worked ".

SSAB-AG crosses a very favorable trend of business, in 2019 the company's turnover registering an increase of almost 80%, up to 204.9 million lei (over 42 million euros). According to public data, the company's net profit remained at an annual level of 5.5 million lei, and the number of employees reached 200.

The company has production capacity of steel structures and precast concrete, producing all kinds of concrete structures including prestressed elements. In almost 30 years of activity on the Romanian construction market, SSAB-AG has installed over 200,000 sqm of metal structures and more than 400,000 sqm of thermal insulation panels.

(Article published in the Agenda Constructiilor - September 2020)

Hangar Aerostar Iași
Inaugurare Hangar Aerostar Iași
Hangar Aerostar Iași
Hangar Aerostar Iași
Hangar Aerostar Iași
Hangar Aerostar Iași
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